Photography & Videography

We are specialized in Photography & Videography!

Secured Booking

Your bookings and details will be secured, as we have enough staff members there will be always one available for your event!

Trained Media Staff!

All our media staff's are trained in media, to provide you only the best quality!


Before every event we plan everything in care, so nothing will be missed!

Fast Delivery

All our pictures and video's will be delivered fast! To give you a great experience!

Attended more then 100 events!

As we have attended more then 100 events, we know how to provide you the best material here at Snowball Media!

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Customer Reviews

Snowball Media as a whole are great work with and also have a very friendly and down to earth team. When they say they will get something done, they do it, no questions asked.
Always provide high quality content, no matter what it is.

CheeseOnToast, TSRVTC Media Team Leader

I first found out about Snowball Media after they attended one of our (LKW) convoys as the "Official Media Team" Snowball Media's job was to produce high quality photos of our convoys. The result was exactly that. The end product of their shoot was an album of 40+! photos which all looked stuning (and delivered within 1 day). One thing which set Snowball Media out was their use of saves to take photos. These were made before hand, and allowed them to take high quailty photos, without distrupting the convoy.
I would recommend Snowball Media to anyone which requires any photos or videos, taken of their Convoys or games.

Cuthbert, LKW Events Manager